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Now all in one thanks to browser-based unified communications

Business communication should be simple, its at the basis of every activity. Too many communication channels;  PCs, desk phones, software, chat messages, SMS texting, sharing documents and video calling, complicate communication

Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) is the architecture that allows you to call, email, chat, share your screen, send documents, make video calls and more…all from a single interface.

Get closer to your customers and colleagues

VOIP Solutions

With purely browser based chat, audio, video and desktop sharing collaboration, iPhone and Android apps, and clientless WebRTC video conferencing, you can get closer to your customers and colleagues than ever before! 

Increased sales

Up to 52% more sales via web

Wildix is the only PBX system that allows web visitors to call you, start a text or video chat, share documents, and more... directly from your website. Using the most updated and secure technology, WebRTC Kite allows direct two way communication with your web visitors, increasing your conversion rate.

Time saved

Up to 25% saved time in daily operations

Managing waiting calls, avoiding clogged lines, easily share documents, employee “status” always visible, starting video conferences in order to avoid travel…these are just some of the solutions for the small, every-day office issues. And it can be integrated with your company’s management software .


100% security with no further applications

Traditional PBXs and UC&Cs require the addition of SBC and VPN infrastructures to work remotely: they are barriers that protect your system from cyber attacks and external viruses. Wildix is secure-by-design: it does not need SBCS or VPNS, your data is always encrypted natively.

Turn your office routine into an every-day gain and cut the costs up to 75%

UC&C is no longer an advantage only available to large enterprises. The new generation of business communications systems can reduce costs by an average of 50% (sometimes up to 75%), increase your productivity, and facilitate business and technical complexity.

Your UC&C must be web-based, increase your efficiency and be secure by design

UC&C must be projected to let you reduce your costs and increase your performance in a measurable way. And it must be designed to be secure without the need to purchase additional applications.

Built on trust

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At Subnetic we make sure that your business stays online by working with our industry leading partners to deliver solutions we have years of experience with. We've been fortunate enough to work with a vast range of clients bringing our knowledge to multiple industry applications.

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VOIP phone

Everything you need is in the Wildix Cloud, stable and secure without SBC nor VPN

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