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Subnetic Solutionshas a broad portfolio of IT solutions and services for the specific needs of the small and medium sized business. We are passionate about customer service, offer quality technical expertise and have years of experience in providing IT services.


For more information on our IT services or wish to discuss your individual requirements, please contact us on 01462 418618 [/accent or email

Network Solutions

network_solutionsSubnetic specialises in consulting, deploying and supporting IT network (and telecommunications) infrastructure for small and medium sized businesses. We offer a diverse range of consultancy, deployment and support services so we can fulfil specific projects or end-to-end solutions by working with you or as your IT department. At Subnetic we stress the importance of a correctly set up network that helps to bring together your whole business, whether your staff are in one office or spread throughout the country

Remote Access Services (RAS)

Remote Access ServicesLet us help you securely connect your computers from a remote location, such as your home to your company network so you can easily access your tools or information. Talk to us and dependent on your requirements (data, required speeds, security, reliability, availability and cost etc.) we will ensure the best choice for your business so you and your company can work effectively and productively regardless of location. Whatever your access needs, e-mail, voice services, desktop or your company extranet, Subnetic , can design solutions that are cost effective, secure and reliable.

Storage And Data Managements

Storage And Data ManagementThe data held within your computer systems is paramount to your business and the safe, secure storage of this critical information is essential. Ironically such important information is often mismanaged or sadly neglected. Not so at Subnetic where we can offer the optimum storage solutions for your company that is cost-effective and secure for today and tomorrow. Subnetic understand the importance of storage management and can offer reliable storage solutions that fulfil changing business demands.

Backup Services(RAS)

Backup ServicesProtect all your work and safeguard your business with a secure, cost effective backup solution (Business Continuity Planning). Talk to us and let us understand your business needs and we will design an easy to set up and use system so there is no risk of losing important information. An incident involving your data could happen at any time, so don’t delay contact us today to see how we can secure your business. Keep your company working with the Subnetic Backup services – whatever the problem and protect your most critical data.

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